Carriers are becoming increasingly sensitive to spam and AUP enforcement when it comes to SMS and Calls. To keep spamming in check and to protect the end customer (leads/contacts) they have created various regulations & compliance frameworks.

Trust Center (Available only for accounts with the country set to the US) provides products that can improve customer engagement through brand recognition.

To access the available Trust Center products, below are the steps:

  1. Fill in all the required fields on the Business Profile section of the sub-accounts.
  2. Register your Business Profile
  3. Register for A2P Brand and Campaign
  4. SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM [Coming Soon]

This article will help explain which compliance you may need and how to get them. 

Table of Contents

Trust Center Onboarding Overview

Trust Center provides products that can improve customer engagement by increasing throughput and brand recognition. To access the available Trust Center products, please follow the steps below:

  1. Gather the required information about your business.
  2. Within Trust Center, create a Business Profile to represent your business.
  3. Register a US A2P brand for US A2P 10DLC capabilities.
  4. Register a new campaign use case and link it to a Messaging Service. [Automatically processed once all the information is provided.]
  5. SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM [Coming Soon]

Pre-requisites: Gather the required information for Business Registration

How will this affect Campaign Vetting?

To access the available Trust Center products, the first step would be to “fill in all the required fields on the Business Profile section of the account”

The following fields need to be filled out to move forward with Trust Center Products.

Please note: If you have a US entity or an International Tax ID, use EIN to register your business profile and to avoid brand registration failures. Do not use a DUNS number.

1. Create a Business Profile in Trust Center

Within the Trust Hub, create your Business Profile. This step validates your business identity. You will only need to do this once.

Please fill in the following information:

Under General Information: The Legal Business Name
Under Business Physical Address: The Business Address and other metadata
Under Business Information: The Business’ identity within the ecosystem, the Business type, ID, industry, website URL, and region information
Under Authorized Representative: The Point of Contact details for the Business

Please Note:

     The submission may take up to 72 hours for approval. Make sure to review your customer business profile information before submitting it.

     If any of the required information is missing before submission you will receive an error message



     Click on the “Update Business Profile” to directly move to the Business Profile page and update the missing fields.

Once all the details are filled in, visit the Trust Center and click on “Submit for Review“, it will process and submit the registration details.

The status will be changed to “In-Review” and you will get a confirmation that “Your profile has been successfully submitted“.

Below is an example of a successful submission:

Please Note:

You do not need to wait for this Profile to be APPROVED before moving on to the Brand submission in Point 2. Brand submission will retroactively modify your Secondary Profile’s status.

2. Register your US A2P Brand

Next, register your newly created Business Profile for A2P 10DLC capabilities by creating a US A2P brand. This step will register your business for US A2P10DLC capabilities.

  • Click on the “Start Registration Button:
  • Step 1 – Check the brand registration details and click Next.

3. Fill in all the required fields for Campaign Registration

The next few steps would be to feed in all the required details around Campaign Registration.

  • Step 2 – Select the Campaign Use Case and enter a description for the same.

  • Step 3 – Provide Production Sample Messages and select if the hyperlink and phone number will be shown in the SMS.

  • Step 4 – Provide details around en-user consents and opt-ins.

Once all the information is provided in the above 4 steps. Data will be submitted for A2P Profile, Brand, and Campaign Registration and you would receive the success information.


4. Business Profile, A2P Brand, and Campaign Registration Status

Once all the steps in the first 3 points are completed, the status for all the 3 registries will be fetched and shown below:

  • In this case, the Business Profile is approved and the Brand is submitted with a Pending Approval status.

  • In this case, the Business Profile, A2P Brand, and Campaign all three are registered and Approved status.

5. Pricing for A2P Brand and Campaign

  • Your account will be charged a one-time registration fee of $4.41.
  • The one time camping fees of $16.50 and monthly campaign fees will be around $1.5 to $11.5 based on the campaign use case.


What is the pre-requisite for A2P Standard registration?

The prerequisite to A2P registration is to create a business profile providing the EIN and additional business registration information.

Are there any charges associated with the Low Standard brand registration?

Yes, there is a one-time $4.41 USD and a monthly Campaign Fee ($1.5 USD to $11.5 USD). For most cases, we have seen this to be $2/month.

What information would be required from your account to move with the registration?​

The account will need a business registration EIN and some additional info like address, website and etc.

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